Welcome to Vargr..

..that is what we stand for!
Vargr is a group of friends from the area of Koblenz which is located right in the middle of Germany where the rivers rhine and mosel meet.
We all share the same passion - history, especially the age of the vikings between 793 and 1066.
Vargr exists for more then ten years now and you may meet us at different historical events in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
We invite you to share our passion for that very amazing European age. And of course you will not find any fence around our campsite because we hold hospitality sacred.

What is our basic motivation to invest a lot of time, money and nerves into that hobby?
Besides the deep interest in the European history it is also the search for simplicity, authenticity as well as the search for values like friendship and confidence - and maybe also a little piece of romance in an industrial world. Our intensive hobby gives us a time out and recreation from the loud and hectic present time.

Our main focus is the pleasure of living history and reenactment of the Viking. We absolutely refuse the abuse of our hobby for any political purpose



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